Our guests’ health and safety has always been a top priority for us at the Hunters Moon. As we now face new challenges due to Covid-19, we have been working hard in preparation to re-open by following and closely monitoring all government guidelines.

Stay with confidence

We have taken a full risk assessment for all departments of the Hotel. We have trained our staff in accordance with the Governments advice and this will be an ongoing situation. You will find various signage reminding you of the 2 metre social distancing.

Hand washing

We have a strict protocol of hand sanitization on each entry point of the hotel (both front of house and staff entrance) this is via a hand dispenser of either “Viridis” or “Sterile” anti viral hand sanitizer. The same is also provided in each bedroom and on each table in the restaurant. You will also find them at various places throughout the hotel. There are information posters in the public toilets on the correct way to wash your hands using soap and water .

Employee Responsiblities

Staff will all be trained using government Covid-19 guidance and will have PPE where necessary. This training will include correct use of PPE and its disposal. They will be informed of the way the Corona Virus is spread and taught the way to reduce transmission. Cleaning staff will have extra check box leaflets to cover the special measures when cleaning rooms. Staff have been advised to wash their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds or use sanitizer whenever they have touched or used the following – using the lavatory, sneezing, touching their face, eating, drinking, taking a break, on arrival, on removal of PPE and throughout their shift.

Public spaces and communal areas

We have removed tables in our restaurant to ensure we adhere to the 2 metre rule. Where we have to reduce to a 1+ rule (when your waiter/waitress approaches your table) they will be wearing a face covering. Your table is covered with a paper cloth that will be replaced after each use, your chair touch points will be sanitized after each use. Everything you will need will be brought to your table. Anything left on your table after use will either be discarded or sanitized in the dishwasher. We will have booked sittings and where possible, the room will be filled from the back first to reduce passing foot traffic.


On arrival, we will check you in as quickly as possible, please stay behind any marked lines on the floor. Your keys will be placed on the table, they will be sanitized in a envelope alongside a welcome letter explaining our procedures during your stay. Please only return your key to reception on your morning of departure. We can help with your bags if required and will sanitize our hands before and after touching your luggage.

Our expectations

We need you to do your part by following any signage, and frequent hand washing will be a necessity. We encourage you to wear a mask when moving around the hotel and in any public spaces. Please be respectful to our staff and other visitors.

Although things maybe different, we do hope you enjoy your holiday in Sidmouth and we look forward to seeing you again for a future stay at Hunters Moon.