As advised by the government, as from March 2022 our Covid restrictions have been lifted. We will now be using the below as our guidlines.

Our guests’ health and safety has always been a top priority for us at the Hunters Moon. We have been working hard to follow and closely monitor government advice.

Hand washing

We have a strict protocol of hand sanitization on each entry point of the hotel (both front of house and staff entrance) this is via a hand dispenser of either “Viridis” or “Sterile” anti viral hand sanitizer. The same is also provided in each bedroom and on each table in the restaurant. You will also find them at various places throughout the hotel. There are information posters in the public toilets on the correct way to wash your hands using soap and water .

Employee Responsiblities

Staff will all be trained using government Covid-19 guidance and will have PPE where necessary. They will be informed of the way the Corona Virus is spread and taught the way to reduce transmission. Staff have been advised to wash their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds or use sanitizer whenever they have touched or used the following – using the lavatory, sneezing, touching their face, eating, drinking, taking a break, on arrival, on removal of PPE and throughout their shift.